2001 Congressional Campaign: Endorsements

In a special election held during the spring of 2001, Tad Daley ran for the office of US Representative for California’s 32nd (later redistricted to the 33rd) Congressional District.

Tad Daley for US Congress

Building A Better World,
One Block At A Time.

“…[Tad Daley] boasts the most impressive credentials and much the most thoughtful platform of all the 16 candidates in the race…. [His platform] is as sensible as it is unconventional.”

The LA Weekly

“Tad Daley is the candidate who will do the most to build community and peace both in Los Angeles and around the world.”

John B. Anderson, former Congressman and Presidential candidate, current president of the Center for Voting and Democracy and the World Federalist Association

“His experience and integrity make him an outstanding candidate for Congress.”

Erwin Chemerinsky, USC Law professor

“[Tad Daley] has been active in the peace movement and would represent a vital addition to the congressional debate on the military budget and Star Wars….”

Robert Scheer, The Los Angeles Times

Endorsers run the gamut from activists — celebrity and otherwise — to academic scholars to local members of the community who all believe that Tad Daley is the best choice to represent the 32nd District of Los Angeles in Congress:

  • John B. Anderson, 1980 U.S. Presidential candidate, former Illinois Congressman, currently President of the Center for Voting and Democracy and the World Federalist Association.
  • Beverly Baker Kelly, Former Deputy Registrar, U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda.
  • Gerald Bender, Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California.
  • Jeff Bridges, Four-Time Academy Award Nominee; “President Evans” in The Contender; Founder of the End Hunger Project.
  • The Campaign for UN Reform, Washington, D.C.
  • Tim Carmichael, Executive Director, Los Angeles Coalition for Clean Air.
  • Erwin Chemerinsky, Professor of Law, University of Southern California.
  • College Democrats, University of Southern California.
  • Michael Douglas, Actor/Producer; Two-Time Academy Award Winner; “President Shepard” in The American President, United Nations Messenger of Peace.
  • Rabbi Allen Freehling.
  • Michael Intrilligator, Professor of Economics and Director, Burkle Center for International Relations, UCLA; Vice Chair, Economists Allied for Arms Reduction.
  • Mimi Kennedy, Actress (“Abby” on ABC’s Dharma and Greg); Author of Taken to the Stage.
  • David Krieger, President, The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Santa Barbara, California.
  • Nancy Mintie, Founding Director, Inner City Law Center, Los Angeles.
  • Mitch Moore, Founder and Executive Director, Heart of Los Angeles Youth Center (HOLA).
  • Bobby Muller, Co-Founder of the 1997 NOBEL PEACE LAUREATE International Campaign to Ban Landmines.
  • Dave Nagle, Former Democratic Congressman from Iowa.
  • Witney W. Schneidman, Clinton Administration Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, 1997 – 2001; Ph.D., University of Southern California.
  • Martin Sheen, Actor (“President Bartlet” on NBC-TV’s The West Wing); longtime nuclear abolition activist.
  • Stanley K. Sheinbaum, Former Regent, University of California, Former President, Los Angeles Police Commission, Founding Publisher, New Perspectives Quarterly.
  • Edwin Smith, Professor of Law, University of Southern California; Past Chair, Academic Council on the UN System.
  • George Totten, Distinguished Professor Emeritus Chair of the Korea Project, USC.

All individual titles and affiliations are given for identification purposes only, and do not imply organizational endorsements.

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