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Why Shouldn’t Iran Seek Nuclear Weapons?

Various versions of this essay appeared between June 18th and June 30th, 2004 in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,, and It now seems difficult to dispute that the Iranian government is developing nuclear weapons, lying about it, and intent on

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Is George Bush Starting the Cold War Again?

This article was published in The Global Beat Syndicate on April 19, 2004.   So it’s not enough that George Bush is fighting a unilateral, illegal, and very unwise war in Southwest Asia, surely creating two enemies for every one

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America’s Nuclear Hypocrisy

THIS PIECE APPEARED IN: The International Herald Tribune, October 21, 2002 The Miami Herald Sunday Opinion Section, October 20, 2002 So now there are nine. And counting. The flabbergasting revelation that North Korea has pursued an active nuclear arms program

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Halting a Thousand Suns

This article appeared in the Fall 2000 edition of The United Nations Chronicle. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’s (NPT) biggest problem may simply be its name. Stop a hundred “ordinary Americans” on the street, and ask them what the NPT is

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Addressing the Cold War’s Unfinished Business

This article, co-authored by Sen. Alan Cranston and Dr. Tad Daley, appeared as an OpEd in the LA Times on June 4, 2000. A Bold Candidate Could Gain Votes By Pledging to Fulfill Our NPT Promise – Reaffirmed in May

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