Tad Daley, J.D., Ph.D., is the author of APOCALYPSE NEVER: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World, now available from Rutgers University Press. He currently heads the Abolishing War program of the Center for War/Peace Studies. Prior to that, he acted as a Writing Fellow with International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the 1985 Nobel Peace Laureate organization. He was educated at Knox College, the University of Illinois, the University of Southampton in England, the RAND/UCLA Center for Soviet Studies and the RAND Graduate School of Policy Studies. He spent several years as a member of the International Policy Department at RAND, where many of the nuclear theories of the Cold War era originally were forged. He has served as a speechwriter and policy advisor to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Congresswoman Diane Watson, and the late Senator Alan Cranston — and once ran for U.S. Congress himself to represent mid-city Los Angeles. The LA WEEKLY said about his campaign: “Tad Daley boasts the most impressive credentials and much the most thoughtful platform of all the 16 candidates in the race …. (His ideas are) as sensible as they are unconventional.”

Tad Daley has written for the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles TimesUSA TODAY, the Christian Science Monitor, the Miami Herald, thePhiladelphia Inquirer, the Baltimore Sun, The Forward (national Jewish newspaper), LA City Beat, the LA Jewish Journal, The Tidings (Southern California’s Catholic newspaper), the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, theUnited Nations Chronicle, the Foreign Service Journal, the Humanist, theFuturist, Tikkun, and quite frequently in the blogosphere at,,,, and

His world vision is perhaps best captured by the late 1995 Nobel Peace laureate Joseph Rotblat, who told Tad, “My short term ambition is to abolish nuclear weapons. My long term ambition is to abolish war itself.”

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