Year: 2006

Bad-Ass Democrats

This article appeared November 16, 2006 on The Huffington Post.   “I’d rather vote for what I want, and not get it,” said Eugene Debs, “than vote for what I don’t want, and get it.” Debs, of course, ran for

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Reinventing the United Nations

This piece appeared in the September 2006 issue of The Foreign Service Journal, the official magazine of the American Foreign Service Officers Association. It was part of a six-article special section on “How to Achieve Meaningful UN Reform.” All six

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Watered Down Terror

This piece appeared during the week of August 20-27, 2006 on,, and The real terror threat is the nuclear terror threat. But the left can offer better preventative strategies than an endless “war on terror.”   Blowing

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America and Iran: Three Nuclear Ironies

Earlier versions of this essay appeared in the July/August 2006 issue of TIKKUN MAGAZINE, the June 29, 2006 edition of COMMONDREAMS.ORG, and the July 7, 2006 edition of TRUTHDIG.COM. “With supreme irony,” said historian James Harvey Robinson of the First

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The Peace Movement’s Plan For Iran

This article, co-written with Jodie Evans, co-founder of CodePink and author of Stop the Next War Now,  and Mimi Kennedy, then-Chair of the Board of Progressive Democrats of America, appeared the first week of March 2006 on AlterNet, Common Dreams, and

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