Year: 2002

America’s Nuclear Hypocrisy

THIS PIECE APPEARED IN: The International Herald Tribune, October 21, 2002 The Miami Herald Sunday Opinion Section, October 20, 2002 So now there are nine. And counting. The flabbergasting revelation that North Korea has pursued an active nuclear arms program

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From the United Nations to the Bucket Line

Tad was in New York on 9/11/01, and served as a “bucket brigade” volunteer at Ground Zero.  These are his tales from that time.  Versions of this essay have appeared in The Tidings (Southern California’s Catholic weekly newsletter), September 6,

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Prove It, Mr. President

This appeared in the May/June 2002 issue of The Humanist Magazine. President Bush’s new claim that the September 11th hijackers were directly dispatched from Afghanistan may well not be false. But the time has come to prove that it’s true.

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War Versus Crime

This appeared in the January 23, 2002 edition of the legal newspaper, LA Daily Journal. Bush should say our objective is to make bin Laden an arrested criminal, not a battlefield casualty.   “We intend to find them,” said U.S.

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Do The Osama Tapes Really Prove His Guilt?

This appeared in the January 2, 2002 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Just because he says he didn’t doesn’t mean he did it. Are the two “Osama tapes” that we’ve seen really conclusive evidence of his guilt? Virtually all the

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