Year: 2013

The Sum of All Hopes

The below essay was co-written by Dr. Daley and Jane Shevtsov.   Today is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s commencement address at American University, sometimes known as his “Peace Speech”. The theme of the speech is peace, both with the

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For Iran, It’s Time to Take One Option Off the Table: The Nuclear Option

This version of the essay appeared on Huffington Post.   “All options are on the table,” said American Secretary of State John Kerry regarding Iran last week, in Jerusalem, after participating in the Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day. “Iran

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Who’s Got It Right About the European Union: David Cameron or Alfred Nobel?

This essay, co-authored with Jane Shevtsov, appeared in The Huffington Post on January 31, 2013.   Trying to follow the news about the European Union these days may be a whiplash hazard. Just seven weeks ago, the Norwegian Nobel Committee

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Apocalypse Never continues to gain new fans

Tad Daley with Maine’s newest U.S. Senator, Angus King — holding a copy of APOCALYPSE NEVER!

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