Year: 2007

Iran, Egypt, and America’s Continuing Nuclear Hypocrisy

This piece appeared the week of November 9th, 2007 on,, and was reprinted in the November 12, 2007, Op-Ed page of the Philadelphia Inquirer. America’s standard for saying which countries can go nuclear is simple: Countries we like

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Presentation: A World Without War

Imagine a World Without War: Compiled excerpts from Tad’s presentation at the annual meeting of Citizens for Global Solutions in October of 2007.

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Why Progressives Should Care About Human Destiny in Space

This appeared in the August 10, 2007 edition of, while a condensed version appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on August 8, 2007.   Barbara Morgan’s journey into the cosmos sheds light on the importance of the space program. Everybody

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For Progressives in 2008, Gore’s the One

This editorial appeared in the June 28, 2007 edition of   In recent days, the word used more and more frequently to describe Hillary Clinton’s march to the Democratic presidential nomination has been “inevitable.” She consistently leads public opinion

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What Would You Do If You Were Iran?

This piece was featured in,,, and American saber rattling aimed at perpetuating the nuclear double standard will lead instead to perpetual nuclear proliferation. Any New Yorker will tell you that the best views of Manhattan are

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